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  • Seeker: [off-screen] But how can this be? You can not be Ahmis. You were killed long ago.
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] And yet, I move.
  • Seeker: But you... your Spirits were luminous. Your ideas... luminous.
  • Ahmis: Not so luminous to keep me out of chains.
  • Seeker: Because you strayed! Betrayed the oldest teachings of Shen! Created a Spirit which was itself a Maker.
  • Seeker: A mockery of the Continuum!
  • Ahmis: I... am not that Maker, anymore.
  • Seeker: Bahh. Don't waste your breath: I'm not your judge. I'm just a Seeker.
  • Seeker: The lowest-ranking Seeker onboard, in fact.
  • Seeker: Perhaps because of this, I have been given an honor as we return to Circle's End.
    The Colegium have asked me to deliver a message to you.
  • Ahmis: And what message is th
  • [the Seeker whacks Ahmis with his staff with a KRAKKKKK]


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