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  • Taneel: [off-screen] Ahmis, your Ring! Re-dock with the Machito, and we can
  • Ahmis: No, captain.
  • [WAM]
  • Ahmis: There is no time to re-establish an airlock.
  • Ahmis: Only one path presents itself:
  • Ahmis: You must flee, while I distract.
  • Taneel: No! We'll lay down a covering fire!
  • Taneel: Skitter, swing us around to
  • Ahmis: Forgive me if I access your systems
  • Ahmis: to give you a nudge.
  • [Machito goes voo voo voo
  • [Machito goes 'VOOP]
  • Ahmis: [in the language of the Makers] < I am Ahmis. >
  • Ahmis: [in the language of the Makers] < Maker of 78 elevated Spirits in the Hall of Spirits. >
  • Ahmis: [in the language of the Makers] < I surrender for my crimes, and turn myself over to the wisdom of the Colegium... >
  • Ahmis: [in the language of the Makers] < ... may their Spirits illuminate the universe. >


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