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  • Begin Prologue
  • Tabernas Desert, Spain. 2258.
  • These are the eyes of a failed man.
  • The life of Conrado Cruz, senior project engineer, ended this morning
  • Eighteen years at the mighty IndústriaGlobo. Eighteen years a man who knew his place in life.
  • And now, like seven billion other unlucky citizens on Earth and the colonies, he is jobless amid an unending depression.
  • He has little hope, less savings
  • And five children awaiting his news in Madrid
  • He is a lonely soul
  • Crossing the lonely wastes
  • Of Tabernas


  • This is the first page of the comic.
  • This strip takes place in 2258
  • This is the first page of the Main Plot.
  • This is the first appearance of Conrado Cruz, the first mention of his family.
  • This is the first mention of IndústriaGlobo.
  • A first draft of a translation into Spanish has been done[1]