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  • Emperor Cruz: Very well, then. Hold your position for 12 hours: I'll have El Puno or the director of interlligence call you with any info they can find on "blue jungles".
  • Taneel: Roger that. Machito out.
  • [hologram turns off with a fa-boop.]
  • Nosh: Hey I feel like that went wells.
  • Taneel: Meh. Does any conversation with the Emperor go "well"?
  • Nosh: I dunno! I feel like I see liddle wink, liddle smile. He appreciate the call.
  • Taneel: I don't know why you're paying that man any courtesy, Nosh.
  • Nosh: Because! Is too much fighting! We fight Vinns! We fight Makers! We gifht gingivitis! We don't need to fight our Emperor!
  • Taneel: Nosh, that man literally jailed you for murder.
  • Nosh: Pfft! Why not five second chance for pal-times!
  • Nosh: Pal-times for pals!


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