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  • He was tagged as the 10,392nd Continuum soldier to land on the planet. And that tag wasn't a military oversimplification: He was, in every sense, a number. A cog in a war machine.
  • A machine... that was massively outgunned. Around him, Continuum soldiers fell in wave after wave of the native's counter-attacks. Within hours of the battle starting... only #10,392 was left alive.
  • And as the desperation of that sets in, his mind seizes on the spark of an idea: a flash of creativity arriving unbidden from the ether.
  • It is... a design. A weapon design.
  • He builds it quickly, as though it were a a repetitive task he had done thousands of times before. And yet it is so new.
  • So new... and so unique.
  • And only afterward, only after the lethal results were made clear, did it occur to him that he had created it.*He was a MAKER now... and his life would be changed forever.


  • Even though this is not the first published page in the Ahmis Plot, this is the first time Ahmis appears in the comic.
  • This is also the chronological start of both the Main Plot and the Ahmis Plot.
  • This is the first time this native horned species, now known to be the Grasskans, appears in the comic.
  • This is the first time this nameless planet, possibly but unlikely to be Nathos and perhaps Goya/Dann, appears in the comic.