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  • Kik: [off-screen] I'm proud a'you, Ahmis. Even though you was mad at them folks for Spirit-stealin', you did right by 'em.
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] Did I?
  • Kik: Heck yes! You pushed 'em to safety while we surrendered. How ain't that doin't the right thing?
  • Ahmis: It wasn't altruism. That action was the only way one or both ships could survive.
  • Kik: Yeah, but you also fixed their ship. And their guns.
  • Ahmis: Clever Spirits, those guns. I would like to meet their Maker.
  • 'Kik: Aaand you gave them a stock of our food. You went out of your way to be kind.
  • Ahmis: Kik, did you not game it out, as I had...?
  • Ahmis: ... As soon as you learned the himans had cured those two?
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] Your people
    my people...
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] And the only way any of us survives...
  • Ahmis: [off-screen] ... is with humanity.


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