Rare Earths 13/13

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  • Nosh: See? Glow chicken make everything better.
  • Orla: Uunbelievable. They're re-energizing the power cells.
  • Fernando: Life support is back online!
  • Fernando: Dessert services should be up within the hour.
  • Taneel: Good work, Skitter! We all get to live.
  • Nosh: And good work Nosh too.
  • Taneel: Yes, Nosh. You too.
    Would you like a medal?
  • Nosh: If is not too much trouble.
  • Taneel: All I got is soap on a rope.
  • Nosh: Is one more soap and rope than have previously.
  • Nosh: Is hard, being hero? Yes.
  • Nosh: But someone must wear soap.

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