That Time The Veetans Defeated The Tesskans Forever 15/15

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  • That Time THE VEETANS Defeated the Tesskans FOREVER!
  • written by ryan north
  • illustrated by tony cliff
  • 15/15

  • Kari: Nat, wait, I just realized how we could prove this! Your grandfather whose notes you gound -- what was his name? I could look to see if he actually was in the science autority! It's not enough to publish, but there might actually be a story here after a--
  • Kari: Nat?
  • [Kari looks at fountain]
  • [Kari reaches upwards]
  • Kari: Nah.
  • Kari: Couldn't be.
  • [empty fountain hall]
  • [sign says "Tesskan War Victory Monument
    Try the sammiches at our topside Victory Café"]
  • The End

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