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  • Nyx #1: Ni hao, ship riders, and welcome to Du Fu.
  • Fillipod #1: Oh man thanks! Your planet smells great!
  • Fillipod #2: Smells like leaves!
  • Fillipod #1: We've been practicing the Nyxian language on the way here.
  • A Fillipod: It's rad! So many recursive verbs!
  • Another Fillipod: Good work
  • Nyx #2: Interest. These Nyx will have learned your language decades ago. To have read your science journals.
  • Fillipod #1: [speaks Nyxian]
  • Nyx #1: (in Fillipod) Allianianolli Awtresslania Trellanigra Fallatillaness Alless Brenaillatilla
  • Fillipod #1: [speaks Nyxian]

A crowd forms, of Nyx and Fillipods excitedly talking to each other. Sebastián stands among them, looking flabbergasted.