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  • Nameless Sill: Make a tiny change in the course of a river, and it will carve you new canyons.
    So it is with telepathy. Steer your words to directed thought, and your brain will find new paths for you to walk.
  • Skitter: Yeah, no, ... that description doesn't help me at all.
  • Nameless Sill: Take the mental energy to withhold a blink. Good. And hold back one breath. Yes. Yes. Now... direct a word to me before you say it.
  • Skitter: [wind-talking] ... before you say it.
  • Nameless Sill: Yes!
  • Skitter: [wind-talking] Yes?
  • Nameless Sill: This comes easy to you! You have done it before: I see it in your thoughts.
  • Skitter: [wind-talking] I'm doing it right?
  • Nameless Sill: Indeed! And that 'headdress of yours is extraordinary! It paints our world in colors unseen!
  • Skitter: [wind-talking] My mohawk? Yeah, it kinda sees... gravity.
  • Nosh: Is true! He can see if crew bathroom is occupied without even knocking!
  • Skitter: [wind-talking] Buhhhh. He thinks 'that's the coolest thing my mohawk can do.


  • This page is called "The Course of a River"