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  • Nosh: Hullo-huloo! Nyxons! May we join you?
    I am Nosh. Señor science officer of the good ship Machito!
  • Skitter: "Senior".
  • Nosh: And this is my friendzo, Cuddow. He was super big pants on Tesskil. Ran whole planet! But now he just kind of... hangs out? I dunno.
  • Cuddow: I've taken up baking!
  • Cuddow: We are honored to meet the famed Nyx of Du Fu and wanted to say he---
  • Nosh: Ptui! Ptui! Ugh! Tastes like foot!
  • Cuddow: I apologize for my friend.
  • Nosh: Like moist toe.
  • Nosh: I am sorry, Nyxols. Apologizements. Sometime head not knowing what stomach is doing.
  • Cuddow: Anyway! We wanted to ask you about our small friend here.
  • Nosh: His homeworld is unkown to us, but we greatly need to--Nosh!
  • Nosh: Sorry! Is genuine gross! But also right here.


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