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  • "Overhead I can count
    the seven stars of the dipper,
    and imagine I hear the noise
    of the milky way as it flows...
  • [the Machito flies in space]
  • The sun's been pushed below
    the westernmost horizon
    a clear autumn moon
    is trying to rise in the east
  • [the Machito flies towards Du Fu]
  • Because of clouds, we see
    only shreds of the great mountain.
    The clear river and the muddy river
    mix together and are lost.
  • [the Machito flies over a mountainous landscape]
  • Down below you can't see much,
    becasue of all the mist.
    How can we even be sure...
  • [the Machito flies over a cityscape]
  • ... that this is our great Empire?"
    -The Chinese poet Du Fu, writing in 753
  • [the Machito lands]
  • [while Nosh, the former Vinn, Orla, Fernando, Taneel, Skitter and Cuddow disembark, the Machito's pneumatics go TSSSSSSH!, Tssssssh! and Tssssssh!]
  • [a sign with the Du Fu logo reads "No entry without TS-4 pass or"]
  • Nyx #1: Ni hao, ship riders.
  • Nyx #2: And welcome to Du Fu.


  • This page is called "How can we even be sure that this is our great Empire?"
  • This is the first appearance of these Nyx.
  • The mountainous landscape panel is available as a 4K wallpaper for Patreon supporters.
  • That third panel is reminiscient of traditional Chinese illustration.
  • The Chinese poet Du Fu is considered to be the bestest Chinese poet for 1300 years. Also regarded as bizarre and daring by contemporaries. Loyal to the government.
  • The page design warrants an animation: