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  • [Emperor Cruz holds a flag in the left hand and rises his right palm-upwards while a Nyx, a male human, a female human, a caped Veetan, a Tesskan and a Fillipod run fiercly and in formation from left to right]
  • AS ONE.

  • Recalled Imperial Propaganda Poster, 2401.
  • This digital propaganda poster was pulled almost immediately from the Imperial VidPack System, after it had been made the default lock screen for all users. It ws widely derided for a number of clueless design choices, and when Familia themselves were seen to be joking about it, comedy writers and talk shows had a field day with it. Common criticisms included:
    • That a Fillipod was taking the lead. And - as would be true of all Fillipods - could in no way be read as "tough looking".
    • That an angry-looking, elder-crested Veetan was depicted. And was nonensically given a cape.
    • That Tesskans were included at all, when 98% of the imperial population of Tesskans had just been decimated.
    • That a Nyx of Du Fu was seen to be placed too far back in the pack, in what was commonly seen as a "Hey guys, wait up" pose.


  • This page is called "Forward. As One."
  • This is the first appearance of the Nyx.
  • Together with Page 0128, the poster indicates a square format for user screens. As can be seen on Page 0156, this doesn't seem to be the overall vidpack screen.