Memories In Future Tense 1/9

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  • Memories In Future Tense
  • written and drawn by Mike Norton -
  • 1/9

  • Orla: Just a little longer, buddy. These tests will take less time than the last round.
  • Nosh: Don't worry, little vinny is strong as he is adorable.
  • Fernando: It's too bad we can't really talk to the little guy.
  • Nosh: Ah, but cuteness is a universal language, Nando.
  • Orla: I'm positive we'll be able to establish more communication beyond crayon drawings the longer he's on board.
  • Nosh: Bah, who needs communication when you have...
  • Nosh: POPSICLES!
  • Vinnie: !

  • Tales of the Drive
  • Short stories set in the Drive universe.
    Written and drawn by today's best artists.


  • This is the first time Vinnie is called by a name in the comics, although the Main Plot went with "Vinnie" instead of "Vinny".