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Dave Kellett is a cartoonist. He is the creator of webcomics DRIVE and Sheldon.

Encyclopedia Xenobiológica

  • Species: Human
  • Homeworld: Earth
  • Size: unknown
  • Distinctive Characteristics: Dave Kellett is a male of his species, with a colour blindness.[1]
  • Diet: [insert stereotypical misconception about cartoonists]
  • Lifespan: Dave Kellet was born January 06 1974[2]
  • Intelligence: not tested
  • Interaction with Humans: As an endemic entity to Earth and human society, he had no trouble blending in with the rest of the native population, to the point that he makes real money and he has a successful marriage with successful human Gloria Calderon Kellett.

Other projects

  • Sheldon, his other web comic
  • ComicLab, a podcast about making comics and making a living as a cartoonist
  • Stripped, a documentary about the current state of comic artists

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