Cute Things 15/15

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  • Cute Things
  • written & drawn by christopher hastings -
  • colored by anthony clark -
  • 15/15

  • Orla: ... which compelled you t get eaten by the whales, and your digested body would make an ideal womb for the next generation of parasitic cute things.
  • Orla: Now that you're off world, the parasite's already dying, and you'll flush it out.
  • Taneel: I can't believe we almost...
  • Nosh: But... what did happen to other crew?
  • Orla: They were eaten. We were right. Shortly after birth, those things are hungry.
  • Fernando: And how did you manage to finish the Drive repairs?
    You're not Familia...
  • Orla: Oh... It looked like you were nearly done.
    I just had to put an A part into a B part!
  • [Everyone laughs, Hahaha repeats ad infinitum]

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