Continuum of Makers

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The Continuum of Makers
Makers at war with the Grasskans on Page 0046.
First mention:Page 0002
First appearance:Page 0002
Encyclopedia Xenobiológica entry:Page 0004
Other names:Makers
Homeworld:Circle's End (adopted[1])
Planets:The Shaping, Edge of Light, Soul's Grasp, Mind's Eye. Formerly Nuevo Chile.
Av. size:2.1m, 135 kg
Av. lifespan:5 to 6 centuries
Intelligence rating:Pre-makers: Kilo-Lima Range (presumed)
Makers: Victor-Whiskey Range (presumed)
First contact:Hostile, seeking return of Ring Drives.

The Continuum of Makers are an alien race at war with the second Spanish Empire. The Continuum seeks vengeance for what they view as the crime of reverse-engineering the interstellar, faster-than-light Ring Drive. They are known to be incredibly inventive and intelligent, and exceedingly vengeful towards those who steal their technology. The highest ranking Makers are in the Colegium, and the leader of the Makers is called the Maker Prime.

Enciclopedia Xenobiológica

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The Continuum of Makers




Average 2.10 m tall, 135 kg

Color & Markings

Though comments regardning physical differences have been witnessed in the presence of Makers and pre-Makers, the human eye has immense trouble discerning them. There is, however, a noted tendency towards highly individualized dress, presumably as it is "Spirit-like".

Reproduction & Development

The Continuum reproduces asexually, budding over a two-day term within a semi-buried, silica-based cocoon. (See attached holograph.) Offspring emerge with a surprisingly large racial memory that includes basic language, mathematics, and physical abilities. After division, offspring in the Continuum go through two developmental and sociological stages: Adolescent "pre-Maker" stage, and the adult "Maker" stage. It is theorized that new offspring in the Continuum undergo a roughly 300-to-400 year developmental period before their coming-of-age to "Maker" status. Lack of genetic diversity within the Continuum is considered to be the root cause for their complex animistic religion, which expresses individuality, right-of-passage, and socio-religious heirarchy through one's technological inventiveness: Literally, what machinations ("spirits") you have brought into the world (See Mackey, Robert L. "Makers and heir Spirits", Imprimátur del Imperio, 2388.)




Unknown. Presumably in the 500-to-600 year range, based on autopsies performed at the Centro Imperial de la Xenobiología.


Highly complex. Translation A.I.'s have postulated that up to 40% of text translated from the Continuum may be incorrect or lack key subtleties.

Social Structure

Hierarchy within the Continuum is based solely on the Spirits one has "birthed". Manual labor, grunt warfare, and menial tasks are left to pre-Makers; while administration and command are left to Makers. References to a third, ruling class known as the "Colegium" (presumably, upper-level Makers) have been recorded on two occassions. However, no member of the Colegium has ever been witnessed by a human being.

Intelligence Rating

Untested. Presumed in the Kilo-Lima range for pre-Makers, and possibly as high as the Victor-Whiskey range for Makers.

Interaction with Humans

With two key exceptions, every interaction with the Continuum has been hostile to the point of violence.

Historical Note

(Claims to "Spirit-theft")------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ------------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- ------ -- ------- --- --- --

------ -- ------- --- --------- --- -- ---- (Redacted: Imperial Censor MJK:29 [Clase "La Familia"])


Spirits are inventions and/or original ideas of a Maker. The concept of Spirits is the basis of the Continuum's society. According to Ahmis, the Ring Drive is the Continuum's first recorded Spirit.[3] Sprits are regulated by the Colegium.


The Colegium

The Colegium can be considered the big fish in the Continuum's hierarchy. In fact, the biggest. They decide the distinction between a new Spirit and a derivative work.[4]


  • a rogue Spirit, able to create Spirits (a robot), created by Ahmis
  • Makers can spawn clones/copies of themselves
    • So can the rogue Spirit[5], although the process seems to be different, being referred to as "reproducing mirror selves"

Known Conflicts


Known Continuum ships include:


Known Continuum fleets include:

  • Contemplation, Rumination and The Brooding, as requested by a Maker for the attack against Nuevo Chile [9]
  • Cogitation, a fleet sent to the science colony on Mind's Eye[10]