A Little Time 1/8

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  • A Little Time
  • by zach weinersmith - smbc-comics.com
  • 1/8

  • [Machito passes planet]
  • [Machito actually doesn't pass planet and falls into it]
  • [KLANG]
  • Taneel: What was that?! Nosh! Report!
  • Nosh: Is like Disneyland rollercoaster, only actually chance of death!
  • Taneel: How is the ship, Nosh?
  • Nosh: Look good, except for front half.
  • Taneel: Nando, fix the front half.
  • Taneel: Skitter, what happened? I thought you could see gravity.
  • Skitter: That's the thing. The gravity is weird here. It's laid out like an Escher painting, or Pittsburgh.
  • Taneel: Yikes.

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