Your Distant Homeland 12/12

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  • written and drawn by dylan meconis -
  • 12/12

  • Skitter: Hey Nosh, package for ya!
  • Skitter: You readin' that beat-up old book full of funny letters again?
  • [package sticker says "Zero G Rated"]
  • [Nosh holds пу́шкин book]
  • Nosh: Is not a book. It is my homeland!
  • Skitter: Jeez.
  • Skitter: I hope when we find my home it's bigger than that.
  • [Nosh opens box full of piroshka]
  • [writing on the box says "Юрий и Ирина"]
  • Nosh: ... It does not have to be.

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  • Translations:
    • пу́шкин - Pushkin
    • Юрий и Ирина - Yuri and Irina