The Ballad Of Fintresslanope 01/11

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  • The Ballad of Fintresslanope - Hero Clerk of the Fillipod People
  • written by Dylan Meconis |
  • drawn by Carissa Powell |
  • 1/11

  • Narrating Fillipod: Now rest your hexadecimal feet, set down your day's travail;
  • Narrating Fillipod: By sleep's antenna, be not prick'd,
  • Narrating Fillipod: And hearken to my tale.
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] One rosy-fingered dawn,
    not many dawns ago
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] A Filipod of no renown became a hero, so:

  • Tales of the Drive
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  • This is the first time we see all of these Fillipods, including Fintresslanope.
  • "rosy-fingered dawn" is an allusion to Homer's epithets